Sunday, November 7, 2010

Under the Sea

I recently had a lovely customer commission custom paintings for her baby's nursery. She wanted a 'Sea Creature' theme but was unable to find exactly what she was looking for. After much searching she came accross my 'Safari Series' in my Etsy store and fell in love the with colors BUT there is no ocean in Africa!

Safari Series at WallFry
So the challenge was set - to design and paint a Sea Animals series in the same style as the Safari Series. I had been thinking of creating a Sea Life series but had not had the time, so I really enjoyed designing these paintings.

We had a crab & lobster

and a whale and octopus

I was really happy with the final result, as was my customer. Her baby now has these bright and fun ocean animals paintings hanging in their nursery. I can now paint these to order and customers can choose size and color which is really popular when coordinating with a nursery color scheme. I am open to new animals and themes too!

So here it is the 'Sea Creatures Series'


  1. Very cute items! I am impressed and excited to follow your blog. You are welcome to follow mine too. :)

  2. Really cute stuff. I will be back to see what you are up to.


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