Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Raa Raa the Tasty Little Lion

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Picking colors that Pop!

The WallFry Inspiration Cliche Prints have been HUGELY successful. So many customers are using the oppotunity to customize the color of their prints to be able to pick colors from their bedding or decor to tie the room together. Here are some examples for the nursery or kids room:

I love how this really makes key colors in the room Pop! Customers have been able to choose their favorite inspiration quotes too from the full selection:

Such an easy way to customize your special little one's space just the way you want it!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cake Pop Fail..

Let me tell you about the day that I learn't that I am NO Bakerella!

I love baking decorative cakes, although with time constraints it is pretty much limited to birthday cakes for my two boys. I have made attempts with increasing complexity and so far I have been pretty happy with the results:


Then I discovered Cake Pops. How could I go past this:

Photo by Bakerella
It looks easy enough, right?

So I researched a little (thank you YouTube) and using my own expertise limited knowledge I bought some cake mix (a traditionalist I know), some icing in a can (hey that is what they are all using on YouTube), some chocolate and bits and pieces of 'stuff' for decorating.

I thought I would start with something simple (as advised) just balls with sprinkles and such added. I was warned - "it is not simple, don't try something too complicated to begin with" and they were right.

I will give you a sneak preview of the results:


That doesn't look tooo bad you might think, and you might be right. The end results were visibly 'acceptable' but I learnt a few lessons on the way:

  1. Get longer sticks - it is nearly impossible to operate a ball of cake on a short stick
  2. Use compound chocolate, not normal chocolate - I know, I know, I already knew this but when it was purchased in error, I thought I would try to make the best of it - not happening.
  3. Don't try to do this on a hot day - it is summer here and it was a super muggy, hot night when I made them. Cake ball sliding down a stick anyone?
  4. Don't try to freeze the balls before adding the chocolate because it is a hot night and the are sliding down the stick... - if you add hot chocolate to frozen cake balls the chocolate cracks! Who knew? I have since been told it would have been better to refrigerate them only.
  5. Don't leave it too late in the day for your first attempt -This took a LOT longer than I expected and it ended up being late at night when I was finished.
  6. Take better photos - ok, so these ones may not be worth too much effort with photography, but if you are going to put so much time and effort into something, make sure you have a decent photo for evidence.
  7.  Make them smaller - I think they were too big? A bit more than a couple of bites is too much.

The most IMPORTANT TIP though is related to the main reason these were a fail:

7. Use better ingredients - they didn't taste very good and I was told so by guests who made the brave attempt. Next time no frosting in a can and cake in a packet, I will get a good recipe, make my own and make it taste good.





And I did attempt them again, but that is another post.

Another Giveaway!

WallFry Prints is having another Mega Giveaway this time with Chic & Cheap Nursery. Head on over for the chance to win a set of 4 8x10 prints (your choice). Two winners & up to $144 in prizes.

Good Luck!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Belated Holidays!

I hope you had a little elf wearing a superhero cape and disco tinsel hair help decorate your tree too!
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