Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cake fit for a One year old

Harvey turned 1 a while ago now, but as more birthdays approach and  I start to think about decorating cakes again, I had to share his First Birthday Cake that I made.

I found a picture of a similar cake on google images for inspiration (I can't remember where, if it was your cake let me know and I will give you credit) and changed colors and added the name. The balls where the edge meets the plate hide a multitude of sins and I think are one of the easiest most effective ways to do this.

The cake is iced with pre-made fondant (White orchards, white icing) which I purchased at the local supermarket. I did my research and found a few tutorials on YouTube, but all in all it is just using your common sense.

My top 5 tips when cutting a cake to shape are:
  • Use a heavy cake (either mud cake or moist cake) to cut to shape, anything lighter will crumble.
  • Make a template out of paper first and, place it over the cake and cut around it.
  • Cut the top off the cake so that it sits flat.
  • Sit it on the plate upside down so there are less crumbs for icing.
  • If you don't have big enough baking tins, don't worry, you can join two together with butter icing.
Top 5 tips for using with fondant icing:
  • Add food color to the white to create color. Don't expect colors to be too bright or dark as the amount of food color you would need will make the icing too wet (I believe that you can buy pre-colored icing at cake supply stores)
  • Ice with a thin layer of butter icing first to smooth any bumps or divets
  • Once the butter icing has set, spread with a jam (or jelly) before applying the fondant to the cake (this helps it stick in place
  • Use cookie cutters to make shapes (you can cut shapes free hand but this is easier)
  • Don't store the cake in the fridge once iced as the fondant goes sticky.
My love of cake decorating is a hidden passion and another great creative outlet.

One final tip. You might not want your one year old to destroy your hard work with their curious little hands. I made a special little cake just for Harvey to blow out the candle and have his first piece of cake. He loved it:

Now I have to start thinking of designs for Felix and Harvey's next birthday, I am looking forward to it.


  1. Wow you are a pro! The cake kind of resembles some of your artwork :)

  2. Thanks so much. I think maybe an Elephant cake for the next one.

  3. that is impressive. can you come to my house and bake for me?


  4. Thanks for the lovely comments. Funny thing is, I don't bake unless it is for very special occasions.

  5. To think you were that organised to make a separate little cake! Amazing!!

    Thanks maxabella for introducing me to another cool blog! pop over to bigwords anytime your not baking! x

  6. Oh my! I am just amaze with people who can create awesome cakes! Have a great week!

  7. what a great cake! LOVE the tips too.
    welcome to blogland, hope you have many fun adventures.

  8. Wow love your cakes, just wondering what size cake tin you used for the number 1 cake

  9. Hi, thanks!

    I used two 20cmx20cm square tins (2 cakes) joined together and carved the number out of the rectangle that created.

    I hope this helps!



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