Thursday, December 15, 2011


Another WallFry giveaway this time hosted by KID Independent. Total prize value is up to $144.

 Head on over to KID Independent for the details and to place your entry - good luck!

Just some of the great prints available to win:

This Giveaway is now closed - congratulations to Jessica and Eloise the two lucky winners!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday SALE on NOW

**UPDATE  - this sale is now over. Stay tuned for more great sales and giveaways!

The Black Friday SALE is on NOW - 25% off ALL PRINTS in the WallFry shop.
Enter the coupon code BLACK11 during checkout to get your discount. Feel free to share this code with your friends, you can use it as many times as you like over the 4 day Weekend.

Sale ends Midnight on Cyber Monday PST.

Still in time for International shipping for Christmas. Get your order in before or on 1st December in time for Christmas giving.

Here are just some of the huge range of prints on sale this weekend:

Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 21, 2011

WallFry made it to the Front Page of Etsy

You may or may not be aware but it is a pretty special privilege to have your item featured on Etsy's front page. The items featured there are selected by Etsy staff and most Etsy sellers would LOVE to have one of their items featured there as it gives you a lot of exposure.

Well after 15 months, WallFry has finally had an item featured:

If you look closely you can see my Chevron Woodland prints bottom right. Thanks so much to inkypinkypaperie for including me in their stunning collection.

Much excitement!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Annual Holiday Gift Guide

Are you one of those organized people who likes holiday shopping? Well, I know I like shopping, but I'm not so good on the organized part.

I love a good gift guide for inspiring ideas so have put together a few gift guides to help with the choosing for your 'small fry'

I love the idea of personalized artwork, I think it makes the most thoughtful gift.

So much more to choose from, so little time left!
Happy shopping.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Not Another Giveaway!?

Yes! In celebration of WallFry's new 'Inspiration Cliche prints' for nursery and playroom....

...there is yet another WallFry giveaway hosted by Spearmint Baby this time for a 'SET of 3 - 11x14 prints or your choice' from WallFry. This prize is valued up to $66 and just in time for holiday gift giving (or you might keep them for yourself).

Entry is easy and you get extra entries for liking WallFry on Facebook and following on Twitter too (just make sure to leave a comment at Spearmint Baby for each entry).

Head on over to Spearmint Baby for your chance to win.

Good luck!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

31% off ALL PRINTS - 3 Days Only!

I have been a bit quiet lately busily designing lots of new prints which I will post about soon. In the meantime, pop over to my WallFry store to take a peek - there is 31% off ALL PRINTS for the Halloween weekend, you might even pick up a bargain.

Coupon Code: HALLOWEEN11
The discount is not good on hand-painted canvases.

Here is a sneak preview of one of my new alphabet prints:

Heaps more where that came from...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Nursery Cliche Print

For those parents with a sense of humor, or who just want to say it all:

Keep calm and cliche on....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

NEW - Prints with quotes

WallFry has more new prints with heartwarming quotes for the little ones. I think they are pretty cute:

Heaps more where that came from in the shop.

While I am on the topic of NEW products there are heaps of personalized prints now available too. I have been working to get these ready in time for Christmas as they would make such gorgeous personalized gifts for kids:


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Board Game for Toddlers

I had never really thought about toddlers playing board games before I became the mother of one (toddler that is) and my sister gave my 2 year old a board game for his birthday. Call me naive, but I never really thought toddlers could play boardgames (well not successfully at least) and yet I was very wrong... My Very First Game, First Orchard by Haba

My kids love this game (they are 2 1/2 and 18 months) and I wanted to share it with other mothers who may not have heard of it or the likes. Friends always ask about it when they visit as it is such lovely quality and it keeps the kids entertained!

The pieces are carved of wood and have a lovely smooth painted finish. It would make a lovely gift for a 2 year old plus too!

The idea of the game is to beat the crow by rolling a colored dice and gathering the fruit off the trees in the orchard before the crow makes its was up the garden path. The players work together to achieve a common goal (no winners or losers). They learn turn-taking, patience, colors, fruit, fine motor skills and general comprehension all the while (and most importantly) having fun!

I will admit that all this goes over the 18 month old's head to an extent, but he feels involved when he plays and it is great for his colors (although he does like to remove all the fruit in the one 'turn'.

I may be late to this party but had not heard of Haba (who I believe are German) before receiving this gift from my sister. They haven't sponsored this review in any way (I wish) I simply thought it was a quality toy among all the plastic trash that falls apart and wanted to share my discovery.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Product - Owl Print

I have just added a new print to the Woodland Series. I think it is pretty adorable, so wanted to share it:

The little owl now joins his friends the fox, squirrel, rabbit and bear:

I am still working on more animals to add to this popular series. I think either a deer or racoon next.....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Clearance Sale - up to 40% off paintings

The WallFry Clearance Sale is ramping up. Up to 40% off paintings on canvas. Heaps more paintings have recently been added - Dogs, Owls, Jungle animals and dinosaurs and more.

WallFry is now focusing on Prints and Made-to-order paintings, so I am clearing out all my ready-to-ship paintings (plus I don't have the room to store them any more). These are not damaged in any way, I am simply clearing out my existing stock.

I never usually offer a discount my paintings, as they are so time consumingly hand-painted and such a labor of love. This is a one-off sale is to clear my stock, once it's gone, it's gone.
Here are just some of the paintings on canvas available in the CLEARANCE section of my shop now:

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Son the Artist

I love doing creative things with my kids and as they are very quickly getting older they are becoming more and more capable with different tools and substances.

We have always played with play dough regularly. A while back I accidentally bought modelling clay instead and had put it on the top shelf for when they are older - I didn't think that little fingers would be strong enough to manage the tougher consistency of the modelling clay (plasticine).....

This is where I was wrong:

OK, so it is no Michelangelo, but he was so darn proud of this thing ('Man' as he titled it) that he wouldn't move his hand any further away than this for the photo (maybe he thought I would want to steal it and sell it?).

And call me biased, I was pretty darn proud of him too:

He worked at this by himself with no help from me for ages and really gave it a lot of time and concentration. Pretty impressive given that this was his last artistic effort:

So I may be the only one who thought that modelling clay was for older kids but in case there are any others out there who have put it on the top shelf for later, don't! You may have a little Michelangelo on your hands (and end up with a plasticine 'Man' stored away in a plastic tub for eternity).

Thursday, September 1, 2011

This Little Piggy Cupcake

This blog has been moved - hopefully you will be redirected to this post's new home soon.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mega Giveaway!

The lovely folks at the fantastic nursery design website Project Nursery are hosting a huge giveaway for WallFry Prints NOW!

Prizes are valued over $100, so get over there now for your chance to win free prints by WallFry, the giveaway is open for entries until 2nd September 2011.

Here are only some of the huge range of prints available for the lucky giveaway winners:

Retro Owls by WallFry

Farm Series by WallFry
Good Luck!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Holiday in the Tropics!

We have just returned from a week in sunny Queensland (and given that it is a freezing winter here the sun was very much appreciated) which is why there were no posts last week.

I highly recommend Palm Cove as a vacation destination. We were lucky enough to be invited by friends to stay in the most amazing holiday house (with pool and child-proof deck and the works) and we could not have had a more kid friendly holiday if we tried.

This is a Wallaby native to Australia (a bit like a small Kangaroo)

There was lots of wildlife, swimming, riding on planes, going to the beach and eating ice cream (first taste). The most memorable thing to come out of this holiday though, is that our littlest man is now finally walking:

He is just cute on a stick......Go Felix, Go!

Ok, back to the grind now:

Don't forget the Introductory BOGO sale is still on for 8x10 Owls and Russian Doll Prints.

I have a fantastic giveaway coming up tomorrow on Project Nursery and will post about here to let you know when it starts so that you don't miss out.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY tea party!

Such a simple and effective idea for that special tea party:

Delicious cups of tea (or coffee) made out of sweets, all of which you can buy at your supermarket. These really are so easy to make!

For the saucer - The base is a Tic Toc Biscuit. This might be an Australian brand cookie, but I am sure you could find something similar that would work as well. Basically it looks good with the pre-iced side up.

For the cup - Next comes a packet marshmallow.

For the chocolate sprinkle - On top sits a chocolate Freckle. Again, I think this is a bit Australian, so if you can't find something similar (a simple chocolate bud would work) then there is a recipe for a make-your-own freckle here:

For the handle - To finish it off, use a lifesaver lollie broken in half for the handle!

All joined together with a little touch of butter icing.

These were at a 2nd birthday party that I recently attended and they were so effective to make the party that little bit special for a special little girl. So quick and easy to assemble and yet gets lots of comments and admiration.

Have fun!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nursery Design by a Real Mom

I love how clean, light and simple this nursery is... and so effecitve:

This wonderful WallFry customer was inspired to have all her pets custom painted and displayed in her new little one's nursery. Each of these canvases is a custom painting of one their very own pets. Such a fun idea and I love how they tie in with the decor of the room

I can see this new baby being very happy in this space for years to come.
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