Monday, September 5, 2011

My Son the Artist

I love doing creative things with my kids and as they are very quickly getting older they are becoming more and more capable with different tools and substances.

We have always played with play dough regularly. A while back I accidentally bought modelling clay instead and had put it on the top shelf for when they are older - I didn't think that little fingers would be strong enough to manage the tougher consistency of the modelling clay (plasticine).....

This is where I was wrong:

OK, so it is no Michelangelo, but he was so darn proud of this thing ('Man' as he titled it) that he wouldn't move his hand any further away than this for the photo (maybe he thought I would want to steal it and sell it?).

And call me biased, I was pretty darn proud of him too:

He worked at this by himself with no help from me for ages and really gave it a lot of time and concentration. Pretty impressive given that this was his last artistic effort:

So I may be the only one who thought that modelling clay was for older kids but in case there are any others out there who have put it on the top shelf for later, don't! You may have a little Michelangelo on your hands (and end up with a plasticine 'Man' stored away in a plastic tub for eternity).

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