Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Board Game for Toddlers

I had never really thought about toddlers playing board games before I became the mother of one (toddler that is) and my sister gave my 2 year old a board game for his birthday. Call me naive, but I never really thought toddlers could play boardgames (well not successfully at least) and yet I was very wrong... My Very First Game, First Orchard by Haba

My kids love this game (they are 2 1/2 and 18 months) and I wanted to share it with other mothers who may not have heard of it or the likes. Friends always ask about it when they visit as it is such lovely quality and it keeps the kids entertained!

The pieces are carved of wood and have a lovely smooth painted finish. It would make a lovely gift for a 2 year old plus too!

The idea of the game is to beat the crow by rolling a colored dice and gathering the fruit off the trees in the orchard before the crow makes its was up the garden path. The players work together to achieve a common goal (no winners or losers). They learn turn-taking, patience, colors, fruit, fine motor skills and general comprehension all the while (and most importantly) having fun!

I will admit that all this goes over the 18 month old's head to an extent, but he feels involved when he plays and it is great for his colors (although he does like to remove all the fruit in the one 'turn'.

I may be late to this party but had not heard of Haba (who I believe are German) before receiving this gift from my sister. They haven't sponsored this review in any way (I wish) I simply thought it was a quality toy among all the plastic trash that falls apart and wanted to share my discovery.


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