Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY tea party!

Such a simple and effective idea for that special tea party:

Delicious cups of tea (or coffee) made out of sweets, all of which you can buy at your supermarket. These really are so easy to make!

For the saucer - The base is a Tic Toc Biscuit. This might be an Australian brand cookie, but I am sure you could find something similar that would work as well. Basically it looks good with the pre-iced side up.

For the cup - Next comes a packet marshmallow.

For the chocolate sprinkle - On top sits a chocolate Freckle. Again, I think this is a bit Australian, so if you can't find something similar (a simple chocolate bud would work) then there is a recipe for a make-your-own freckle here:

For the handle - To finish it off, use a lifesaver lollie broken in half for the handle!

All joined together with a little touch of butter icing.

These were at a 2nd birthday party that I recently attended and they were so effective to make the party that little bit special for a special little girl. So quick and easy to assemble and yet gets lots of comments and admiration.

Have fun!

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