Friday, January 21, 2011

On Safari - new jungle animals in the safari series!

I am really excited about the two new additions to the Safari Series of paintings in my WallFry store. What started out as four is now six with the addition of a Rhinoceros:

and Cheetah:

 to the original Lion, Elephant, Hippopotomus and Zebra:

These paintings are so popular both individually and as a set of four. Since the addition of the extra two, I have sold a few sets of six as well. I love the bright, rich colors in these. I create texture in each canvas and really enjoy working with the colors and textures when painting them.

I designed the Rhino and Cheetah at the request of a customer and can't wait for more custom requests so that I can design more safari animals. I love the design process and this is when I am at my happiest creatively.


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