Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Playroom decor - as easy as ABC!

So, the playroom is looking really good and has been very very functional for a while now. It is a small success in the overall streamlining of storage, space and efficiency and just making the place look darn cool!

But lurking next to one of the windows was a thin vertical wall space just screaming out to be decorated! Ta Da! ABC ("... it's easy as...:") sorry, song stuck in my head:

I love these block letters made from papier mache. A few months ago I introduced them into my WallFry store as a new product line, but with personalized names on the face, like these here:

To make these, I paint a papier mache block letter, adhere patteren to the sides of the letter and then attach the name in a dense foam letter cut-out.

I had already made personalized letters for my boys, so wanted something more generic in the playroom. To make sure that the colors in the ABC letters coordinated with the rest of the playroom, I digitally picked the colors from the baskets in this photo:

then recreated those colors in  the designs on the sides and of the face of the three letters. I also found that they attach easily to the wall with blu-tak as they are very light. This makes it easy to move them around as the boys grow.

They look so bright, colorful and let's face it - awesome!


  1. Wow it looks sooooo fun and cute. Love the shelves and the wall letters are awesome :)

  2. Thanks so much. It does get messed up on a daily basis though. Easy to tidy afterward, which was the main goal!


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