Thursday, May 19, 2011

Owls for Boys

I have so many customers who love the ever-popular owl and have their hearts set on an owl themed nursery for their little expected arrival. Which is a good thing cos there are heaps of options out there for owl nursery decor right? Right!... if you are having a GIRL:

Not that there is anything wrong with girls, this one, from the Orange Comforter is one of the many stunning owl themed nursery decor sets you can get for girls. And hey, I have plenty of 'owls for girls' artwork in my store too...
The problem is, what do you do if you are having a boy, or you are not sure what you are having need your nursery to be unisex?

I am sure there is owl nursery decor out there for boys, but maybe not as many options as for girls and this is what so many of my customers are asking for, owl nursery art for boys that coordinates with their bedding and nursery color scheme - good thing I do custom orders hey!

Did I mention unisex:


  1. LOVE those last ones! so so so cute.

  2. Thanks so much. They were actually a custom order to coordinate with Carousel Designs Retro Owls Crib Bedding which is stunning.

  3. I'm obsessed with owls- those are such cute decorations! We have a little toddler owl chair- it's my favorite :)

  4. I think that is why they are so popular, they are so cute without being "cutesy"


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