Friday, February 24, 2012

Where do all the Furry Little Creatures Go?

You may have already heard of the 'Boon Animal Bag' but I was lucky enough to get one the other day!

It is a great idea for storing the copious amounts of soft toys that kids accumulate (if you don't have at least 30 soft toys scattered around the house right at this moment then you must be throwing them out - go on count them, I dare you!) and doubles nicely as a pouffee (albeit a little bit slippery).

It does look a little bit like the teddy bears are being held hostage (or about to rob a bank):

and the kids want to open it all the time to release the hostages (and re-scatter them around the house of course). On the plus side it is easy to open

If you over stuff it, it is a little bit big for little bottoms to sit on:

But heaps of fun for wrestling:

In all seriousness, it is very well made, great quality and you can fit heaps of stuffed toys in that thing! Such a great idea and the kids are playing with toys again that they forgot they had.

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