Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Aussie Animals On Their Way!

I am sooooo excited about this!

A little known fact (not really but it sounds dramatic) is that we welcomed our adorable baby girl into our family of four last year. Now, I will confess that I don't do pregnant well at all (I will spare you the graphic details) and coupled with the (although completely gorgeous) considerably demanding new baby on the scene pretty much wiped out any opportunity to get creative. Although WallFry has been open for business this whole time, I haven't really been able to create something NEW (other than the new baby of course).

Which is why I am so excited about this work in progress:

This is a wombat.
This wombat is one of the new Australian animal designs I am working on to add to the WallFry range.

Another little known fact (again not really) is that we are Australian and for years now I have been wanting to add an "Australian Animal" series of prints to the range. So I have been drawing, drawing, drawing and the creative juices are well and truly flowing and I am just loving designing these gorgeous little guys.

The hardest part is choosing which animals to include, here are some up for consideration...

Can't wait to share the final products here when they are done!

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