Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spiderman Cake!

A Superhero cake for my 4 year old Superhero.

I always promise to take photos and post a step by step of my next cake, but I always run out of time.

Here is a snapshot summary of this one:

  • Base rectangular cake - white chocolate mud cake cooked in a rectangular tray.
  • Spider man head cake - vanilla butter cake cooked in a soccer ball tray cut and pasted back together to make an oval shape 
  • *I added blue and red color to the head of this cake before baking to go with the theme. Unfortunately it came out a browny purple red and blue swirly mess. We called it 'Spiderman brains' and the kids LOVED it - save!
  • Fondant icing - marshmallow fondant (first time I made my own and found it a bit grainy and difficult to work with, but delicious, might try a different recipe next time)
  • Colors - Americolor gels (make sure you use proper gel colors, the watery ones you get at the supermarket will not get bright deep colors like these)
  • Webbing - Royal icing (dyed black). I practiced a heap on baking paper before piping on the actual cake, no going back on that one
  • Buildings, eyes etc - Colored, rolled fondant. I find this much easier than gum paste when working with flat shapes (moulded shapes are a different matter)

Most of my inspiration came from a lovely blog called Amanda's Cookin' and she has some great pics (including details of how to cut the head).

Some more superhero party goodness HERE. Will be adding more of the super hero party fun and creativity over the coming weeks.

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