Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Colour Purple

Is purple a colour that you would associate with boys or girls? Or both?

People are very fussy (and very understandably so) when it comes to decorating the nursery for their baby and colour is obviously a big issue. I have recently had a customer ask me if I did the following painting for boys:

and I had specifically made this one to be unisex, if not just for boys (I had just done the Russian Doll series for girls and wanted to balance it out). A few customers have also asked for a blue background so I get it, the purple is not popular. But back to the original question..
Would you buy purple (anything) for a boy. Chris (my husband) says no, purple is for girls only and if I think about it, our boys don't wear a lot of purple but do have it in the pictures on their walls.
I would be fascinated to find out what people think. I might post a poll on the blog soon.


  1. My son's Bumbo seat was purple and the sling I carried him in was purple. When I bought the sling, the sales lady said people won't think he's a girl, they'll know his mom is! So my advice is, if you like purple, go for it!


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