Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Product Line

I saw these block papier mache letters and fell in love with them. I know that wooden letters that hang on the wall are the rage now, but I really like the deep edges on these which give them a 3D impact.

Basically I buy the papier mache letter pre-made and paint & attach names etc. Not a huge profit margin on them as the letters are quite expensive but they are fun to make and I love choosing new designs and colours. I do struggle to think of names to go on the letters though (no wonder we struggled to decide on names for our boys). I have also tried to make a couple of ones for boys too.

What does everyone think? I haven't sold any yet so might have to slow down on the production so that I don't get carried away.


  1. I like them but as you mentioned there is not a huge profit margin on them, but wishing you luck. I think your blog is coming along nicely. Going to check your esty shop now :)

  2. Thanks, I guess the margin is really 0 until I sell one.

  3. These letters are great! Different from many others I've seen :) I hope you've sold some, they're ideal for birth gifts and decorating.

  4. Thanks Nina. I have sold heaps now and everyone says how different they are which is great. I guess they give people a way of putting a name on the wall without having to buy each letter.

  5. I'm not surprised they're selling well. If you ever want to advertise them (free or paid), let me know. I have a website for handmade personalised crafts and art.


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