Friday, July 30, 2010

About Me!

Here you will find a range of ideas, creations, tutorials and artwork from a creative-minded mother of 2. If I have done it, and am proud of it, and think you might like it too, you will find it here.

I am an Australian artist with a very distinct style. WallFry was born from my search for nursery art when pregnant with my first son. We were living overseas at the time and nursery art was scarce. I wanted something that was colorful and appealing to a child, while remaining stylish to adult eyes. I wanted something that could grow with him and I wouldn't have to throw it out when he turned 5.

The art at WallFry is appealing to babies and older children alike. I have an 8 year old niece who visits often. She always asks to 'look at my shop' and we turn on the computer and spend ages looking at all the different animals and artwork and she tells me her favorites (which change every time). My own son would lie on the change table as a baby and smile at his 'animals'. Over time he would point, make the animal noises and eventually say their names (which he still does at 2 1/2). I love what I do, I love creating artwork that will brighten children's spaces, that they will love and that parents will also enjoy.

I am a strong believer that there is nothing I can't do! I tackle every creative challenge with energy and humour and the results are....... varied. I created this blog to share them with you.

I am very open to any questions or queries and am very PR friendly! I would love to hear from you.

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